African Robot was founded in 2015 to drive 3D Printing and new technologies in South Africa. African Robot believes in disruptive technologies like 3D Printing as having a huge impact on industry, bringing industry local and empowerment through these technologies.


Founder, Rick Treweek comes from a background in Games for mobile. When 3D Printing became accessible Rick experimented with the new technology by creating characters and collectibles, a tie in to his gaming past. Through this process Rick created Trobok Toys, a 3D Printable Toy brand, focusing on characters and collectibles, where people can buy the 3D Files and print at home.

After returning to South Africa after 8 years in Asia Rick has founded African Robot to help others explore this world and driving South Africa to be part of this Democracy of Manufacturing movement.


We believe in 3D Printing, The Maker Movement, Tinkerers, inventors, artists, technology and the hidden talents in South Africa. We want to unlock these through disruptive technologies.

Attack The Blok collectible set. A collaboration between Trobok Toys and Ultimaker. Exploring the world of toy design and collectibles using 3D Printing.



With African Robot we believe with 3D Printing and other disruptive technologies that by looking at the emergence of industries with these new technologies, new ideas and innovations emerge. We are wanting to explore this by collaborations with people from various industries, also driving the 3D Printing industry in South Africa forward.


We are wanting to spread knowlege and share experiences to grow and enpower individuals, unlocking the maker inside them. We do this by having 3D Printing meetups, discussions, groups and involved in the maker movement and its importance to the future. | twitter & instagram:@africanrobot | Copyright ©2015